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Where can I find your stones for sale?

For the time being we post all of our available gemstones on Instagram at @saltgemsco. If you do not have social media we will happily work through Email to help you find what you are looking for.

What is your usual turnaround time for commissions?

If we already have the rough, the turnaround time can be 1-5 weeks. If we do not have the rough it can take 3-8 weeks.

What cut stones do you have in stock right now?

We don't keep much inventory on hand, but it never hurts to ask. If we do not get back to you quickly it probably means we don’t have what you are looking for. You can always ask for a commission!

Do you do wholesale pricing?

In most cases no, all of our pricing is retail. We do offer discounts on orders of 3 stones or more. If you are a repeat client we may also offer a discount.

What factors lead to your pricing?

We generally follow the 4C’s when pricing our cut gemstones - color, cut, clarity, carat. We try to emphasize less on carat weight and more on the diameter of the gemstone as we are cutting for beauty/performance, not weight. Other factors include the cost of rough, time, and material rarity.

Do we cut clients rough?

Not usually. We have had issues in the past with rough quality while working on client provided rough. As we do all of our own cutting we like to focus the little amount of time we have on rough that will have the highest quality output.

Do you re-cut gemstones?

Yes, but not often. We require the start weight of the stone to be ~4cts and we need each dimension of the stone LxWxH to determine if a re-cut is worth it for both us and the client.

Can you guarantee the color of the finished gemstone?


In some cases yes but most cases no. Rough can be very hard to predict as each stone is different. Everyone also has a different perspective of color - for example there can be many shades of pink. Color swatches or reference photos are necessary to align our perspective with the client. 

Are your gemstones treated in any way?


Occasionally we cut and sell treated gemstones (mostly heated sapphire) and will always disclose treatments or stone defects.

Do you alter your photos?

Yes, we color correct to make the stones look as true as possible, as the camera is never accurate. We also try to have several unaltered videos (straight out of the phone) of the stone to accompany the photo, as well as an on-hand video. 

Why Saltgemsco?

We optimize all of our designs for peak light return using top of the line rendering and design techniques. Our rigorous polishing technique accompanied by an intense attention to meetpoints allows us to bring the best out of every stone! As we are the only gemcutters at Saltgemsco, we have total control over the quality. Each gemstone we cut is treated like a work of art that deserves all of our energy.

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