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Our Background

I (Joyce) started learning cutting around 2020 after I finished GIA in the hopes of creating a jewelry line. When it came time to buy stones, I felt that the available selection of colored stones was limited and sometimes lacking in precision. Thus I began cutting with the original goal of just being able to pay off my machine and supply myself with a couple gems, but absolutely fell in love with the process! I spent months learning the craft on my own, and then took a class with Hashnu Stones. His teachings pushed me in the right direction and propelled me to where I am today. After learning gem cutting I became obsessed with precision and color - I pour my heart into the art of cutting gems. Recently I was blessed to be awarded our first AGTA Spectrum Award by cutting an exceptional Montana Sapphire provided by Obsessed Over Gems! I hope this is the first in a long career of gem cutting!


Scott jumped aboard recently. He has been involved with the gem community for a few years now, with both gemstone design and cutting. He is quickly gaining recognition as he continues to provide high-performance designs that are optimized for the materials. His interest in gemstones and faceting began while he was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in geology with a minor in metalsmithing. Scott began transforming his mineral specimens into jewelry using the combined knowledge of geology and gemstone design. During this exploration stage, faceting and gem design took over as his main focus. Scott quickly discovered his style and decided to work on his own designs, initially drawing inspiration from other gem designers. In the recent years, Scott has released a few designs into public forums where they have grown in popularity. His style highlights simple geometries and symmetries in combination with highly stylized crowns that provide optimal light return.

Our Process

Gemstone Rough

We take pride in sourcing the best rough possible! Our sources sponsor small scale mining operations and are focused on giving back to the communities in which the gems are mined in. When buying rough we have two sets of trained eyes verifying color, clarity, and shape. The ultimate goal is to obtain pieces of rough that will be fully utilized to create the most colorful and bright gems you can imagine!

Cutting Process

Our work begins by selecting just the right design to maximize the stone size and light return. Before we formally start the faceting process we trim the excess material off of the rough to get a clearer picture of our canvas. Each stone is cut and then polished with 100k diamond powder and viewed under at least 10x magnification to ensure quality. The process is wrapped up by allowing the stone to soak in denatured alcohol to remove all oils and glue.

Cut Stones

Our goal is to bring colored gemstones into the light by maximizing their beauty! Together, we utilize our backgrounds in geology and jewelry design in combination with our award-winning cutting skills to produce top of the line gemstones. The gems we stock can range from quartz to the highest quality sapphire and garnet. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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